World leaders in humane slaughter equipment

With years of experience Accles & Shelvoke are highly respected in supplying the respective industries with high quality humane slaughter equipment, bolt stunners and cartridge powered tools.

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Humane, Effective and Reliable Euthanasia Systems

Featured Product: CASH Dispatch Kit – The CASH Dispatch Kit is universal in its application from poultry to bulls with a heavy duty cartridge powered captive bolt device.

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Maximise the Effectiveness of Captive Bolt Stunners

Featured Product: Stun Check – To maximise the effectiveness of the Captive Bolt Stunners in the field, the CASH Stun Check has been designed to indicate stunner performance by means of indicator lights for fast, ok and slow.

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Humane Slaughter

A variety of stunning tools to effectively stun a wide range of animals


Emergency Stunning

For mass cull or single use accles and shelvoke have designed tools to suit most emergency stunning situations


Electrical Safety

The accles & shelvoke Cable Spiker is a tool which that short circuits high voltage electricity cables making the cable dead and therefore safe to work on.


Welcome to Accles & Shelvoke

Accles & Shelvoke is the world’s leading supplier of cartridge powered tools. Committed since 1913 in developing the most robust, reliable and specially engineered products to supply the humane slaughter sector and the electric supply industry .

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Cable Spiker

A high quality, durable Cable Spiker for use on electrical power cables.

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Cash Magnum Knocker

Cylindrical trigger operated ‘non penetrating’ concussion stunner suitable for cattle

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Dispatch Kit

The humane, effective and reliable euthanasia system

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