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Humane Slaughter Equipment: About Us

For humane slaughter equipment, captive bolt stunners and a wide range of other cattle stunning equipment, Accles & Shelvoke Ltd specialise in the manufacture and supply of precision engineered cartridge powered tools. As well as humane slaughter equipment/stunning equipment and bolt stunners, the product range includes cable spikers and the Cox submarine bolt driving gun. With years of experience in the humane slaughter equipment industry, continual innovation and quality control for Accles & Shelvoke is a top priority, who are highly respected in supplying the respective industries with high quality humane slaughter equipment, bolt stunners and cartridge powered tools in all parts of the World.

Accles & Shelvoke is the sister company to ELEY Limited and a subsidiary company of IMI plc.



You can view more information regarding our humane slaughter equipment and bolt stunners and other products and services from Accles & Shelvoke by using the menu below.