ACVOKE® Cable Spikers

The ACVOKE Cable Spikers manufactured by Accles & Shelvoke Ltd is a high quality durable safety tool used worldwide.

The Cable Spiker is a cartridge powered tool which when fired drives a steel spike through high voltage electricity cables short circuiting the power and making the cable dead and therefore safe to work on.

The Cable Spiker Safety Tool is suitable for use on all types of single and multiple conductor power cables and comes in three sizes of Mini, Standard and Heavy Duty.

The ACVOKE Cable Spiker is available in standard, mini and heavy-duty versions:

  • The standard Cable Spiker can accommodate cables up to 110mm diameter carrying voltages up to 275KV.
  • The Mini Cable Spiker is used for spiking cable of up to 295 mm diameter, carrying voltage up to 200kv.
  • The heavy-duty version is also available for cables up to 150mm diameter carrying voltages up to 400KV.

The Standard Cable Spiker also comes with a blade removal accessory the Cable Spiker jack which is used to remove blade after spiking polymeric cables.

Key features:

  • A high quality, durable safety tool is suitable for all cable designs, penetrating every form of normally applied cable coverings.
  • Easy to assemble and simple to operate.
  • Safest tool available for assured cable de-energization employee safety achieved through positive remote operation
  • Remote Firing – the tool uses a seven metre long lanyard and release pin which when operated completely separates from the tool at the moment of firing. This ensures total operator safety in the event of a ‘live’ cable being spiked.
  • Safety – the tool has a unique self-setting safety system which requires the deliberate action of pressing the Safety Catch to its ‘fire’ position. This eliminates the risk of operator inadvertently firing the tool when setting the firing mechanism.
  • Portability – needs no external power source, the use of a blank cartridge as the source of energy means the tool can be used anywhere.
  • Robust – the tools sturdy construction ensures years of trouble free use.
  • Versatile – the use of different cartridge strengths and various clamping arrangements allows the tool to be used on a wide range of cables.


When it is intended to work on any electrical Power Cable, either for the purpose of carrying out repairs or for tapping or arranging additional feeders, it is vital that special precautions be taken to secure the safety of the employees.

After the cable has been made dead and connected to earth at the point of supply, the cable is cut, usually by means of hacksaw or cutters.


The Cable Spiker is suitable for use with all types and voltages of power cable including single and multiple conductor laminated, polymeric, elastomeric, unshielded, shielded, concentric neutral, interlock armoured, steel wire armoured, leaded covered etc., designs in either fixed or portable installations.

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