CASH Special

The Accles & Shelvoke CASH Special stunning tool uses cartridges to fire a penetrating captive bolt, rendering the animal insensitive to pain prior to the slaughtering process. Choosing the right tool is essential, with an effective stun leading to improved meat quality, ease of handling, reduced stress on the animal and compliance with animal welfare regulations.

The CASH Special was launched in 1981, following a long line of pistol shaped tools. It has an ergonomic and easy to use design, with the pistol grip and trigger operated firing mechanism maximising comfort. Two positive actions are required to cock the tool to increase safety, and automatic bolt return increases speed of operation.

The CASH Special stunner is manufactured in the UK using the finest materials, highest standards and most precise tolerances to a design proven over many years. The result is an incredibly dependable and tough stunner that is trusted by meat processors around the world.

CASH Special .22”

The CASH Special in .22” calibre uses Accles & Shelvoke pink, purple and green cartridges containing 1.25, 2.5 and 3 grains of propellant respectively. This gives the tool the flexibility to stun animals from piglets to cattle, delivering a precisely metered force optimised for the size of the animal.

CASH Special .22” HD

The CASH Special .22” Heavy Duty (HD) is a specially reinforced variant of the standard CASH Special. It is designed to take a higher power cartridge for use on heavier animals such as bulls and large pigs.

CASH Special .25”

The Accles & Shelvoke CASH Special .25” uses larger calibre cartridges and a bored out chamber to increase the combustive force. This drives the bolt forward with greater energy to deliver an effective stun on heavier animals.

CASH Special .25” HD

For larger animal species Accles & Shelvoke manufacture the CASH Special .25” HD. This heavy duty tool can fire the orange cartridge containing 3.5 grains of propellant. The more powerful cartridge enables even heavy bulls to be stunned with this tool.

CASH Special .25” HL

The CASH Special .25” HL is a heavy duty tool which features a long bolt measuring 206.5mm, 25.5mm longer than the bolt used in the standard CASH Special. The additional length and weight of the bolt enables a deeper stun, with the highest energy of any CASH Special tool when used with the 3.5 grain orange cartridge.

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