CASH Special Concussion

The Accles & Shelvoke CASH Special is one of the world’s most popular captive bolt stunning tools. It leads the field in versatility, efficiency and dependability.

The modular nature of the design has led to the creation of the CASH Special Concussion tool. Ease of use is ensured by the pistol shaped frame, durable rubberised grip for secure handling, trigger fired mechanism and quick loading and extraction of the cartridges. This anatomical and balanced design improves stunning performance by reducing fatigue.

The tool uses a convex head to deliver a percussive force to the head of the animal, which then automatically returns into the muzzle. The bolt does not penetrate the skull so the tool can be used as part of the religious slaughter process*.

There are many benefits to stunning an animal prior to bleeding. It is safer for the slaughterman, the carcass can be handled with greater ease and safety, and it contributes towards the highest standards of animal welfare.

Many countries around the world now state that animals must be stunned prior to processing, whether they are produced domestically or imported. The CASH Special Concussion aids compliance with these regulations and religious slaughter requirements.

*Within the European Union the use of concussive stunning of ruminants is restricted to animals of 10kg or less.

CASH Special Concussion .22”

The CASH Special Concussion .22” is suitable for poultry, lambs, pigs and small cattle. It uses a range of cartridges to fire the concussion head and strike the skull, rendering the animal unconscious.

CASH Special Concussion .25”

The .25” calibre version of the CASH Special Concussion uses our larger cartridge to deliver a stronger stun than the .22” calibre tool. The lower powered pink and yellow cartridges, combined with the ergonomic design, ensures the tool is comfortable to use for long periods.

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