Contact Fire

The CASH Cowpuncher was designed for use on all beef processing lines but may also be used with other large animal species such as pigs or equine.

A key difference between the CASH Cowpuncher and the other Accles & Shelvoke stunning tools is in the firing mechanism. The stunner will fire on contact with the animal rather than when a trigger is pressed. This ensures maximum penetration into the skull of the animal, and the bolt is then automatically retracted ready for the next shot.

Safety is further enhanced by the ‘no fire’ safety system. The stunner will only fire when the red dots on the muzzle and cap assembly are aligned, and the tool is safe when they are separated.

The CASH Cowpuncher is extremely strong and dependable. It combines an efficient design with a minimum of moving parts and the finest materials and precision manufacturing techniques.

CASH Cowpuncher .22”

The CASH Cowpuncher is distinguished by its exceptionally robust and straightforward design. When a cartridge is loaded the cap assembly is lowered onto the barrel, rotated to line up the red dots, and the tool is ready to use. The .22” calibre cartridges are available in green and red strengths for medium and heavy cattle.

CASH Cowpuncher .25”

Particularly popular in the UK but also widely used around the world, the outstanding CASH Cowpuncher in .25” calibre delivers a dependable stun on heavier animals. The heavyweight construction ensures years of reliable function, and maintenance is straightforward to accomplish to reduce downtime.

CASH Cowpuncher .25” LH

A long handle option is fitted to the CASH Cowpuncher .25”, which many users find particularly useful when using a loose stunning box. The tool has been designed for use in various stunning pens, and is balanced and easy to handle in all orientations whether you are right or left handed.

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