CASH Magnum Auto

Versatile, powerful and instinctively easy to use: the Accles & Shelvoke CASH Magnum Auto is one of our most popular stunning tools.

The CASH Magnum Auto offers attributes which further enhance utility for the operator: the bolt automatically returns after firing to increase speed of use; a wide range of cartridges and calibres are available; and a Stop Fire device can be fitted.

This tool is used in high through-put slaughterhouses across the world. Its dependability, reliability and low maintenance requirements ensures high performance on the stunning line.

CASH Magnum Auto .22”

Used in slaughterhouses around the world, the CASH Magnum Auto in .22” calibre is acclaimed for its durable and adaptable design. Five cartridges are available to stun livestock from piglets to very heavy bulls.

CASH Magnum Auto .22” SF

In what can be an unpredictable stunning environment, many slaughtermen require supplementary safety features on their stunning tool. The CASH Magnum Auto can be purchased with a Stop Fire (SF) mechanism. This safety must be rotated to the ‘fire’ position before the tool can be used.

CASH Magnum Auto .25”

The CASH Magnum Auto .25” is one of the most flexible tools in the Accles & Shelvoke range. The larger cartridges deliver a greater knock down force compared to the .22” calibre tool, while the choice of six strengths covers very light to extremely heavy animals.

CASH Magnum Auto .25” SF

The CASH Magnum Auto .25” SF is supplied with the Stop Fire (SF) feature which is fitted to the firing mechanism. When combined with the compact and comfortable design and intuitive trigger, this tool is recognised as one of the most complete and successful stunners available anywhere.

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